By ARGENTINEMEN - September 20, 2013

Guilherme Cruz Rodrigues, 25 , is not any model . The scars on his left leg that leads are the trademarks of their life history Resilience and faith have become essential to its perfect smile back to magazines, billboards and commercials across Brazil- After nine days in a coma after suffering a serious accident on the highway Ayrton Senna ( SP - 70 ) , while returning from work on February 26, 2010 , William woke up determined to continue his career , which at the time was interrupted when jutted international works .

He was 23 and was about to make a trip to three countries: Greece, the United States and France, which would make some tests including a campaign for Dolce & Gabbana. 
At the time, had been elected mister, and disputed the Mister World 2010. 
Humorous and humble ( believe me, it assures that was ugly) , the model has exceeded all expectations in his rehabilitation , after 3 years of his accident , resumed his career doing national and international campaigns ( New york , Chile , Turkey , Portugal ) , stamping several national magazines , participating in several editorials, majored in physical education which attempts to reconcile her modeling career and personal trainer , will be attending acting school of the renowned director of Globo Wolf Maya (since you want to direct your career to television), at the invitation of the European Agency Glam, joined his casting models , and hired Glam Advisory São Paulo to manage your career, and says he is at his best.

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