By ARGENTINEMEN - August 15, 2018

L’ Homme Invisible Introduces its New Boree Line
of luxurious, semi transparent underwear in shades of light blue

French luxury underwear brand L’Homme Invisible has just released a new campaign for its Boree Line of underwear for men. The Paris based label, owned by Sandeep Sahni, continues to create sensual styles in some of the best fabrics the industry has to offer. L’Homme Invisible caters to fashion conscious men with a distinctive taste. 

L’Homme Invisible’s new Boree Line is available in five underwear styles: V Boxer Push Up, Hipster Push Up, Striptease Briefs, Jockstrap and String Striptease Thong. This line is made from a top quality fabric made in Austria, a semi transparent microfibre in tones of light blue. This amazing fabric is combined in every design with dark blue detailing offering a classy look. These styles are unique to the French brand, made with the minimum amount of seams possible and shaped to fit perfectly the male anatomy. 

The campaign was photographed by the owner of the brand, in Ile-de-France. Model Thomas Mora is posing in the new deigns in a lovely setting at a recreation park. The colour blue is said to evoke feelings of calmness and this campaign celebrates exactly that. The light blue underwear is put against the lush green of nature to present relaxed and effortlessly sexy photos. Enjoy the new campaign and the enticing designs of the new Boree Line by L’Homme Invisible!

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