By ARGENTINEMEN - March 29, 2021

Zayn Malik is a sensitive soul - perhaps too much - who, as happened to the Icarus who gave his name to one of his albums, at some point flew too close to the fire. His soul still bears the scars that show that he was there but he came back. And if his time is yours alone, neither is his art just a handful of schedule commitments and some promotion. He doesn't lavish on interviews, he doesn't appear much in the media, he never talks about the life behind the life we see. What we mean is that Zayn has agreed to do this session exclusively for GQ Spain because he really wanted to do it, when he wanted to do it. Behind these pages there are months of dialogue, of proposals, of options. And everything has been very real, almost handmade, made with the wickers of trust in the other party.


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