By ARGENTINEMEN - November 11, 2021

 The Collection

The Roy Fire collection  is inspired by the Japanese Ninja culture. It is a melting pot between two of Roy`s favorite inspirations: sports and the Japanese culture. The dream is to create a Loyal army of Ninjas with their own language, style and community that want to be part of something bigger. Ninjas are known for keeping their identities a secret but no more; we want them out there spreading the ROY FIRE streetstyle. They are tough, smooth and athletic. 


All garments are designed with bold, double sided prints and unique words that describe the skills of the athletes’ powers.

The credits: Photographer: Jade Young, Model: Tom Carnifax, Location: New York


About the Brand

Roy Fire is an entrepreneur, redefining trendy stylish looks for global urban millennia.

He is the founder & creative director of Adon, an independent, cutting-edge global men’s fashion and fitness magazine, an Oscar nominee for Costume Design for a foreign film,

a fashion editor/stylist in leading fashion magazines, was a key leader in creating the young new style for MTV London,

a successful licensor of a hit sunglass line, under the Roy Fire New York brand,

behind a considerable social media presence for the brand, in 2021 Roy Fire was debut a new apparel line and the brand.

We inspire to become the leading streetwear brand known for pushing boundaries and breaking the rules.

We aim to create a new visual language - an individual total look that will speak louder than words.

We aim to be the brand you need to follow to stay up to date with the next trends.



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