MODUS VIVENDI presents Viennese Swimwear Line & the Porcelain Swimsuits Campaign from Swimwear 2024 Collection

By ARGENTINEMEN - March 20, 2024




Joan Crisol



Miguel Angel



Julien Paje



Javier Serna Montana




Aģtico Norte Producciones



Creative Director:

Billy Hazel



Madrid, Spain


The Viennese Swimwear Line invites individuals to embrace a new standard of luxury and refinement. With its delicate floral motifs and unique fabrics, this collection effortlessly captures attention and refines the elegant style you seek for your beach outfit.


Discover Viennese Swimwear Line and “Porcelain Swimsuits” Campaign to immerse yourself in a world where every detail speaks volumes.


For more information about the collection and the campaign, please contact us at Join MODUS VIVENDI in celebrating diversity and making a statement for a more inclusive and sustainable future.


Discover Campaign here.

Shop Products here.


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