By ARGENTINEMEN - December 07, 2020

Captured by photographer Giampaolo Sgura, Italian actor Riccardo Mandolini wears a Dsquared2 t-shirt on one cover of Icon Italia magazine Issue 62.

 The face of Riccardo Mandolini, who turned 20 last January, is different and beautiful. The intense and ambiguous features unexpectedly unite Pasolini's features of a street boy with the clean air of a young American. Mandolini is a kid who had he been 20 in 1983 would have been perfect alongside Matt Dillon, Emilio Estevez and Patrick Swayze in the Francis Ford Coppola gang of 56th Street Boys. It is no coincidence that in Baby (the hit Netflix teen series, loosely inspired by the story of the prostitutes of Parioli, whose third and final season just premiered), Andrea De Sica entrusted Riccardo Mandolini with the role of Damiano. , which has a central role in the story but does not merge into the group because it comes from outside, from another neighborhood. Damiano, in Baby's crazy and fascinating cosmogony, is the son of an ambassador who grew up in the municipality. It must also be said that most of the actors in the Baby cast, such as Brando Pacitto or Mirko Trova, came from the experience of other successful television series. For Mandolini, son of art (the mother is the actress Nadia Rinaldi, the father the actor and screenwriter Mauro Mandolini), Baby represented an absolute debut. «I did the first audition for Baby without great expectations. I had turned 18 for two weeks, I stayed behind with school because I was restless in the past, I had not studied acting but I carried the teaching background of my parents. At the audition I went well, four more followed. In the end Andrea De Sica chose me and catapulted me into this new life, ”says Mandolini, on the phone during a day off from the set of the new movie he is shooting.

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